When was your last radiator flush?

Do you know when you last flushed your radiator?

Like an oil change, radiator flushes are a key part of preventative maintenance for any vehicle, and are especially important for the winterization process (when your cooling system will need it most). Going too long between flushes leads to rust and corrosion - meaning costly repairs, recores or replacements that could have been avoided. Your radiator itself isn't the only part at risk, either - heaters and water pumps can and do take on significant damage without regular flushes.

There's varied opinions from mechanics and vehicle manufacturers on how often your vehicles needs a flush, but most agree that it falls between every one to two years. At Tirrell Radiator, we think every two years or 30K miles (whichever comes first) is best.

If your vehicles are ready for a coolant flush, come in and see us. Right now, we're offering flushes for all radiators for $90.31 ($85 + sales tax).